Since a young age I've been attracted to creating art, whether it'd be drawing, painting or photography. As a young child my mother handed me my first camera, a Kodak Duaflex II Twin-Lens Reflex Camera. Maybe it was the fascination with the mechanics of the device or the excitement of seeing those first prints when I took them out of the envelope, I was hooked! In high school I continued exploring art, but then I found the Darkroom… wow a whole new world opened up. I lost many hours creating the perfect print, honing my craft, camera in hand. After high school I went on to study Art and received a BFA in Design.

My portfolio of work consists of a variety of subjects including landscape, nature, objects, people and travel. My love of the outdoors and nature is what inspires me, whether it's the ocean waves, distant hills or the sound of bird song.

I'm currently based in Pompton Lakes, NJ and available for assignments and commissions. I welcome all feedback and inquiries about my work, please click the Contact menu button.